New Businesses

Start up business


Launching a new company is one of the most demanding and challenging undertakings imaginable, requiring passion, focus, speed and enormous reservoirs of energy and courage. And more often than not, start-up teams are required to manage limited resources to develop their products and services, hire talent, build technology, and secure additional funding. Frequently, these realities leave little bandwidth for attending to the creation and nurturing of a brand—not to mention attracting customers, staff and investors.
At Taylormade Ideas, we’ve been working side by side, and cost-efficiently, with early stage companies for nearly two decades, helping give form and substance to their positioning, value propositions, and messaging. This experience allows us to see around the proverbial corner, anticipating our clients’ branding and marketing needs before they are readily apparent.
Then, our experience and comfort with “making something out of nothing” takes over, allowing us to develop inventive, appropriate and compelling brand experiences through naming, identity design, messaging strategy and development, social media strategy and implementation, website design, advertising, print collateral design, email campaigns and packaging design.
We don’t stop once the branding begins to take shape. We understand the evolving, organic nature of enterprises and work efficiently to fine-tune the marketing communication tactics as the business evolves.