Branding for Small Business

Brand development initiatives should never be completed in-house.

This may sound self-serving coming from a branding firm, but  think about it…doctors don’t operate on themselves and you should never elect to conduct a brand development initiative in house for the same reason. Many early stage companies believe they are saving money, but it’s a penny-wise and pound-foolish decision to tackle a brand development initiative in-house. Brand strategy is a highly specialized discipline — far different from advertising or other forms of marketing communication. If saving money is the reason you think you can tackle this alone, think of it this way — what price would you pay to ensure a successful outcome for growing future brand value?

At Taylormade Ideas, we offer our clients a comprehensive brand service that is custom made to suit your company’s needs.  From an intensive branding session to help you crystalize who and what your company is, to the delivery of complete brand roadmap for your business, you will come away with a vision that will serve as a spring board to your company’s growth!

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